MsDawn & Drew MsDawn & Drew March 2010 Winter 2010 119292189 Johnny's cabin My nephew Johnny & son Bobby live in this 10x10 cabin up back. 119292190 Road to the back neighbor Road to neighbor 119292191 Our circle drive Our drive 119292192 Our coffee deck without the walls Coffee deck 119292193 Drew clearing RV spot Drew clearing RV spot 119292194 Drew working on a dog kennel One of the dog kennels 119292195 front of cabin before we put sign up Our cabin when we first moved in 119292196 Drew building cat condo Cat Condo 119292197 Drew with his scooter next to Coffee canopy enclosed Enclosed Coffee deck 119292198 Our bath house Our bath house 119292199 Our cabin with our sign CAMP NEAAL MsDawn & Drew 119292200 Side view of coffee deck Side view of coffee deck 119292201 Winter view of cabin Cabin during March 2010 snow storm 119292202 Our trees I love all our trees 119292203 Easter 2010 MsDawn Easter 2010 119292204 one kitchen shelf One wire kitchen shelf... we now have 2 up 119292206 MsDawn and Drew Us next to cabin 119292207 Xmas 2010 Our front deck Xmas 2010 119292208 Our deck This was pics from before we bought the cabin and 6 acres 119292209 view from front deck view from front deck 119292210 more trees trees near bath house 119292211 kitchen before shelves kitchen before we moved in 119292212 stove before we moved in kitchen stove before we moved in 119292214 ceiling fans I love my ceiling and fans 119292215 front door front door ....fridge and sink 119292216 only top kitchen cabinet and vent light and only top cabinet 119292217 our cabin's pantry door the pantry door.... our king size bed is now in that space. 119292218 path to bath house this is the path to our bath house 119292219 Living our Drew Drew and I shortly after we moved in 119293264 Drew and I Our Peace of Heaven 119293265 Johnny This is Johnny sleeping on the floor during moving process 119293266 Johnny Johnny's birthday 4/18/2010 119293267 Drew and Johnny Drew and Johnny 4/18/2010 119293268