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I became disabled 20 years ago and have various health issues.  I have heart issues and other physical dissabilities.  The heart issue is potentially life threatening so I have to take care when building my little house.  I receive a small Social Security check and am a Veteran.  Other than that, I am financially challenged.  If you could help me out, I would appreciate it.  Any donation at all would be a blessing.  Thank you so much in advance for your help.

A Home of My Own
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Goal: $5000.00 | Raised: $390.00 Started: February 23, 2011
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The donations I receive will help me buy a truck sufficient to pull my tiny house on wheels.  I am hoping to sell the tiny house that I am building now so that I can afford to build one for myself.  I have gone in debt to buy the materials for this one.  Selling it would allow me to pay off the debt and buy the materials necessary to build another.  I am disabled and this building project is hard on me.  But it is necessary for me to continue else I could find myself on the street.  I am much older than my profile picture seems to indicate although the pic is just 2 years old.   Thanks for your help.  Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Steven W - $100.00
  3. Christopher - $35.00
  4. BERNARD - $25.00


  • 7.80%
    A Home of My Own Goal: $5000.00 Raised: $390.00 13 donations

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