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Posted by Jeremy on April 16, 2013 at 11:05 PM

I've been staying at a friends house here in mid Florida so that I could be close to the VA Hospital in Tampa where I'm am being treated for some physical ailments. Not only have I been diagnosed with irreparable nerve damage, but I also have a condition called Atrial Fibrillation which is one of the main causes of heart attack and stroke. For 5 to 7 hrs a day I can get around and do the things I need to do, then my system breaks down and I have to endure enormous amounts of pain from the waist down. I am forced to take opiate pain relievers at night so I can sleep. The heart condition is so bad that I have A Fib episodes almost daily, some lasting through the night into the next day.  I am being prepped for a surgical procedure called an "Ablation" which is quite invasive. They enter into your right atrium with a number of cables and sensors and poke a hole through into the left atrium. Wherever they find a rogue electrical impulse, they zap it killing the tissue of that area of the heart.  I'm on a blood thinner to prevent clots being formed during these episodes but need the surgery.

Anyway, I said that to say this. As a veteran of the armed forces, I enlisted so that I could do my part to ensure the freedom of my fellow country men. Recently, I found out that my fellow country men want to deny me the right to live in a safe and secure tiny house protected from the elements because their codes don't allow it. I can have my house parked where it is but I can't hook up to the water and sewer which is just 2 feet away. My friends 4 bedroom house is occuppied by his family and there would be no room for me. They are good friends but they can only do so much. They don't want me to have to leave. However, I may be forced to. I need to stay at least until the Veteran's Hospital can perform the surgery and  do what they can for my heart. But even then, where would I go. I have to be near to a VA Hospital for the rest of my life because I have to be examined regularly because of the pain meds that they give me, that by law, they can only give it to me a month at a time. And, of course, my heart will need to be closely monitored. Every few weeks my cumidin levels have to be checked so my blood doesn't become too thin or thick.

So the conundrum... What does a man have to do to be free anymore. Why do the people who's rights verterans have defended have the right to put them on the street when there is a perfectly warm, safe and attractive home that they can afford to live in available to them. I dare say I would never enlist again for those reasons, knowing what I know now. The stress that society puts upon us is often more than we can bear. I would ask all who read this if they wouldn't mind going to the white house web site ( and send an email to the president asking whether anything can be done to help the poor, homeless and disable folks in our country gain a bit of dignity by allowing them the right to live in their own home, on their own property without being told no because of thoughtless codes, mostly inspired by banks, mortgage companies and the need for more taxes that municipalities mostly waste. We are humans too. We bleed and feel pain and emotions like everyone else. If I am force to pull my tiny house away from here, I don't know what will become of me. The price of gas will force me of the road before I can get out of the state. The amount of money I receive on a monthly basis isn't enough to get me very far, and NO, I'm not on welfare and I do not receive food stamps. I survive on disability insurance income. I bought and paid for that insurance so now it is rightfully mine.  If anyone can help. If anyone has any advice, or knows of a place that I can park my tiny house without be forced to leave, please let me know.  I wish you all well.

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Reply GothKittyKiss
2:34 PM on August 3, 2013 
Wow. I have so many emotions about this that I'm a bit overwhelmed. I can't believe what our country has turned into. I am going to do what you suggested about contacting my government representatives, as well as the White House and talk to them about my disgust in Big Business controlling the government.
Thank you for posting this article, it's an eye-opener.
Reply Dennis
12:42 AM on September 9, 2013 
I saw your video on YouTube and thought that you may have some legal issues with your home on wheels. I had trash land in AZ and thought I could do what you did, that is build my own version of a park model size home, but the requirements of the county said different. A big 3 bedroom home, yes but an efficient small home big enough for one, no. Hope you the best with your health issues and fighting the local government's version of zoning controls.
Reply Joe
1:22 PM on December 9, 2013 
Well if there is a VA hospital in Missouri you may want to try that state. I have a few friends over there that run a intentional community and one reason is that apparently the state and counties have a very lenient building code if any, so they have multiple dwellings and persons living on the land without hassles


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