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I've never been someone whom you could call lazy.  I have worked long and hard all my life at whatever I happened to be doing at the time.  I have also tried to exercise my mind whenever possible.  My mind is still in reasonably good shape, but my body... not so well.  I have been living on Social Security Disability for many years now due to a back injury I obtained while working for the Airlines.  I really loved that job.  It was a hard job with great responsibility but it was also a fun job that I hated to lose.  I had the L5 S1 disc removed.  It was a bilateral laminectomy and micro discectomy.  Since then I have also been diagnosed with a heart condition know as Atrial Fib.  These conditions have caused me  to have to endure a lot of pain and a large dose of reality.  I would have to live my life on limited resources. 

I have done small jobs here and there to help make ends meet but for the most part I have been physically limited. Because of the resent recession, the cost of groceries, rent, gas and other essentials have gone up beyond my means.  I became afraid that one day I would be living on the street because I wouldn't be able to rent an apartment and eat at the same time.  My Mom is 87.  Her health is failing and I know she won't always be here.  I am staying with her now.  When she passes, the siblings will sell off the family home and that will be that.  I am the youngest of 6 children.  All are seniors with their own families and agendas.  They are independent, as am I, and will not have accommodations for me.  So, I needed a plan.  It was a Yahoo feature that led me to the Tiny House movement, specifically Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.  I studied feverishly, and gave several months of thought before I decided to build.  I had to decide if I would be able to physically endure the process.  An old proverb asks:  "What man (or woman) among you would start to build without knowing whether you have sufficient to complete it?"  I knew it would be hard, but I believed enough in myself to persevere.

With the bad back, arthritis, and Atrial Fib, you may be wondering how I could possibly have the confidence to get the job done. How can you possibly build a tiny house on wheels?  It's not easy but I am doing just that.  I work, mostly by myself, step by step, piece by piece each day (weather permitting), and will do so until it is finished.  When doing those things that I couldn't possibly have done by myself, my brother-in-law (who is older than me and also disabled) graciously lends a hand.  Other than that, I work alone.  At the end of the day, I go inside, eat dinner, watch TV for an hour or so, take my medications (including pain pills) and go to bed.  The pain is quite severe at times but I have no other option but to continue.  I kept my credit in good condition, so I was able to borrow the money to buy materials.  The debt is sizable so I'll be paying "rent" to the credit card company for some time. 

Please join and share your thoughts on sustainable living and the tiny house movement.  If you are also building a tiny house of your own, feel free to upload your photos and show your progress.  If you are interested in purchasing the tiny house that I am presently building, please contact me through the contact section of this site.  If you would like to make a donation to help me along the way, click on the donations button at the right.  That would be extremely kind of you and greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

P.S.  The photo of me is real and just a couple years old.  I am much older than I look. It's a curse :)


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