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 Well, I've been living in it for about 3 1/2 years now and have found it to be quite suitable to my needs.  Actually, I love it.  I really feel at home in my tiny house and safe too.  It's mine for one thing, and costs me very little to operate. Unfortunately, I did have it for sale and now have to place it up for sell once more. 

While at a Walmart in Parker, AZ the other day, I suddenly out of nowhere had a battle with severe double vision that lasted for more than 5 minutes.  I was just standing there in the store looking dumb. I couldn't see to walk. That was a bit scary for me.  I didn't know what to do if it didn't straighten out.  I was 35 miles from home at that time and driving would have been out of the question. Being as I am alone, I didn't have any real options.  I looked it up on the net to see what sudden double vision could imply and they indicated that it was potentially serious.  All I know is that it can be fatal if it were to happen to me while pulling my tiny house down the highway.  So as you can see, I am stuck in a dilemma. Selling the house may be my only option.  I had surgery on my eyes recently to release the pressure to prevent glaucoma. The web said it could also be do to a stoke. Add that to the heart problems, etc. I may be pushing my luck.  So, once again I have a used home for sale in Quartzsite, AZ.

Anyway, This site is here for your enjoyment and I hope it will be an inspiration to all of you who would love to someday have your own little mansion.  Based on the economic forecast, this may be the only way that people can survive.  To be honest, living in a tiny house is not bad at all :)   Everyone should do all they can to change the codes that enslave each and everyone of us and forces us to live above our means.  These codes were brought about by the lobbying bankers and real estate companies anyway.  Having more space does not equate to being more safe.


When counties and municipalities forbid you access to property with the option of electricity and water, its a human rights violation. It's a violation against the poor, the displaced veterans and homeless, the disabled living on a fixed income and those who simply choose to live a sustainable lifestyle no matter what their financial status is. They force you to locate in the wilderness, deep in the rural parts of the country out of sight and out of mind. Not all can live off grid and not all can afford the high cost of living in RV or Trailer Parks that mostly charge $300.or more per month. Actually, that's more than you would have to pay to buy your own land. You are packed into those things like sardines, and you can't always stay in them year round.

The elderly and the disabled need the security of having dependable power and water resources. Even for those who want to live totally off grid, there is always the risk of the enforcers and code monsters who are backed by mortgage companies and banks, to find you and restrict you if they so choose. The constitution guarantees our right to have shelter. Codes allow for those rights as long as you follow their size guidelines which places poor people in an impossible position of having to go into debt paying hefty mortgages and high taxes.

Please don't get me wrong. I know that there are a lot of good folks that work within the county and city zoning offices who are just doing their jobs. Certain aspects of the codes that they are obligated to enforce may have worked years ago, but now, due to an economic crises that is not soon to go away, and will probably get worse due of the nature of our economic system, must be altered and adapted to the needs of the people and the planet.  I have no problem with safety issues being regulated. The unlearned can place themselves in danger without choosing to do so and need guidance for their safety and others who may enter their homes, this I understand and accept. BUT! Size doesn't have anything to do with safety. Under the facade of safety concerns, lies issues of monetary gains. And as one building inspector indicated, concerning the poor, "people like that can really mess up the neighborhoods. That can be an issue that can be dealt with.  Besides, being poor doesn't mean you are nasty or that you live that way. Laziness is something that affects all levels of economic stature.  Good people who improve their lands are penalized by having their taxes raised, but if you trash your land, you get off cheaper. Go figure.

Anyway, it's not just about the poor, or the homeless or the disabled. It's about one's right to live sustainably with a simpler and non-materialistic lifestyle if they so choose. We aren't advocating shacks in and around cities and towns or a tiny house wedged between two mansions. We are talking about right to have residence in places close to the amenities that others enjoy with the security of power, water and sewer in one form or the other, especially for those who can't fend for themselves.

I can find affordable land everywhere. But after I purchase it, I find that I cant live safely, securely and within my means because of codes that say we want your money and unless you build to our scale we can't get it. We don't want you within eye shot. We, the people, however, define the "American Dream" and how we want it displayed and presented to the rest of the world. The American Dream deals with happiness and peace, not just materialism. We are far down on the list of happy countries. I wonder why?

Again, I ask all of you to do what you can to help change the laws to allow for those of us who are forced to live a simpler lifestyle and live within our means, and those who simple choose and desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle for the good of their sanity and the planet, to be able to have the same access to municipal amenities like electricity, water, shopping, do others. This is our world!






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The city of Spur Texas offers refuge to the tiny house community!

Check out this website created by the good people of Spur, Texas.  If you are a tiny house owner, enthusiast, or hopeful but have been made aware of all the obstacles that stand in the way of tiny house freedom as I spoke of above, please take a look at this great little town called Spur in Texas. Yes! There's finally hope.  This is a place to legally live in your own tiny house.  This is what the good people of Spur has to say to people who want to live freely in their own tiny houses:

Spur, Texas is a classic West Texas town on the wide open plains. We are a community of about 1,000 people who are excited about the tiny house revolution! Spur is proud to announce that anyone who wants to build a tiny house is welcome in our town.

The tiny home movement in the United States is gaining recognition as an innovative way to reduce costs and live in a more sustainable way. But people interested in this exciting opportunity to re-invent their lives have encountered permitting obstacles in towns and cities around the country.

Well, here in Spur, we want to encourage people to consider our town for their tiny house lifestyle. We are crafting a city resolution that clears the way for anyone to come to Spur and build a tiny house without any requirement to obtain special permitting.


After traveling there and checking the town out, I found it to be a bit to secluded for my tastes. It was too far from activities that I am used to. I felt I would be spending my retirement in a lonely place that I would regret.  However, that's not to say that you wouldn't like it. I guess I'm just more of a city boy, or at least a town big enough to have a Walmart and theater. LOL.



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